Chenille Range

Chenille Range

The Quarella Chenille line is finished with a brushed look, creating a strong and aggressive feel to touch, for a modern and trendy environment.

Naturally signed by Quarella.

The Chenille range is available in the following colours.

Beige Arena Blanco Paloma Crema Clara Bianco
Beige Arena Blanco Paloma Crema Clara Gris Antracita
Gris Serena Marron Canela Marron Glace Negro Sepia
Gris Serena Marron Canela Marron Glace Negro Sepia


Each picture is merely indicative due to the possible variation in the natural aggregates used for the production. Quarella cannot therefore be held responsible for any slight colour variation that might occur in its products.
Quarella S.p.A. reserves the right, due to technical and production requirements, to modify its range of products without advance notice.
For further information regarding the products you are kindly requested to contact our Quarella sales department.

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