The Quarella composite surfaces for your home are a high quality surface, of extreme density, resistance and beauty.
Its technical characteristics make it particularly resistant to stains and scratches, nevertheless to maintain its beauty and elegance it is useful to follow the instructions below.

Daily cleaning.
For daily cleaning it is sufficient to wipe the surface with a damp cloth and dry it with a clean cloth. If you feel it is necessary you can clean the surface with a common neutral, non-citrus / non-abrasive / non-bleach detergent. Always rinse the surface and wipe with a clean cloth.

Treating particularly resistant spots.
In the presence of calcareous spots or stains that have dried on the surface, you can remove the solid part with a plastic spatula. If there is still some residue on the surface you can remove it by scrubbing it with a circular movement with a sponge (ie Scotch Brite no scratch or similar) and a slightly abrasive liquid (ie CIF or similar) or a common detergent. Rinse with plenty of hot water and dry the surface.

Many stains can be removed by special non-abrasive sponges (ie Magic Rubber by Mr Clean, Easy Erasing Pad of Scotch Brite etc) that are easily available from major shops or in specialised cleaning suppliers.

Quarella surfaces are manufactured to resist high temperatures that could be reached during the normal use of a kitchen top, however, we do not recommend that the top should be in contact with direct or intense concentrated heat. Protect the top with a hot-pan pad and do not put burning pans or electrical appliances that could become very hot or white hot onto the surface.

In order to maintain the surface gloss over time, we advise against cutting or chopping directly on the countertop surface. Please use a chopping board.

Take extra care if you have chosen a dark colour surface.

Other precautions.
Contact with harsh chemical products is always inadvisable. If you have accidentally spilled chemical substances on the surface (eg products to clean metals, the oven or brushes, paint removers, acids, solvents, acetone based products or alkaline based products, etc) remove the spill immediately, rinse with lots of water and dry with a clean cloth.

Your top is manufactured to resist knocks, however, avoid banging the top and do not sit or stand on the work surface.If you require further detailed advice please contact your installer or local supplier.