Manufacturing Information

Quarella products can be defined as composite materials as they are the product of a combination of two or more different raw materiels. Composite materials are capable of providing physical and mechanical properties that are superior to the materials in their natural form. The combination of materials allows the product to exploit the best properties of each component material while, at the same time, eliminating their less than useful characteristics.

The materials produced by Quarella contain a very high quantity (approx 95%) of natural materials and a minumum of bonding agents. Thus the technical features in the finished products are related directly to the constituent natural stone materials, namely granite or quartz. The bonding agent used in the manufacturing process is usually a polyester resin. The production procedures can generally be sumarised as set out below, however, there are specific differences for each particular product.

QUARTZ/RESIN (Small chips)

1. Mixing of the raw materials and spreading of the materials in the slab moulds;
2. Compaction under vacuum of the mixture as as to form uniform slabs;
3. Oven and open air curing of the slabs;
4. Finishing of the slabs (surface finish, cutting into tiles or cut to size);

The quartz resin composite material is produced directly into slabs. This material is obtained by mixing quartz and other siliceous aggregates with polyester resin, colourants and additives on a specially designed slab former of the desired thickness. This mixture is vibrocompressed under vacuum. The slabs are then polymerized in a special heated holding area at a temperature of 85°C for a period of approx. 30 minutes. The slabs are available in various standard thickness: 12 - 20 and 30 mm. The slabs are then calibrated and polished.


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